UserDefinedFunctions Methods

The methods of the UserDefinedFunctions class are listed below. For a complete list of UserDefinedFunctions class members, see the UserDefinedFunctions Members topic.

Public Static Methods

ComputeLevenstheinDistance Computes the levensthein distance.
ExtractAlphaNumericCharacters Extracts the alpha and numeric characters from an inout string.
ExtractDirectory Extracts a Windows safe Directory path from an AbsoluteUri. e.g. -> http/arachnode/net/sitefiles/1000/ The maximum length for any directory returned is 200.
ExtractDomain Extracts the Domain from an AbsoluteUri. e.g. ->
ExtractExtension Extracts the extension from an AbsoluteUri. e.g. -> .net
ExtractFileExtension Extracts the file extension from an AbsoluteUri. e.g. -> .gif
ExtractFileName Extracts the file name from an AbsoluteUri. e.g. -> logo.gif
ExtractHash Extracts the hash.
ExtractHost Extracts the Host from an AbsoluteUri. ->
ExtractIPAddress Extracts the IP Address from an AbsoluteUri. e.g. ->
ExtractNonAlphaNumericCharacters Extracts the non alpha numeric characters.
ExtractPhrases Extracts the phrases.
ExtractResponseHeader Extracts the specified ResponseHeader from the ResponseHeaders. e.g. 'Cache-Control: no-cache Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' -> text/html or 'Cache-Control: no-cache Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' -> text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
ExtractScheme Extracts the Scheme from an AbsoluteUri. -> http
ExtractTags Extracts the tags.
ExtractText Extracts the text.
ExtractWords Extracts the words.
GenerateIncorrectKeystrokeTypos Generates the incorrect keystroke typos.
GenerateMissedKeystrokeTypos Generates the missed keystroke typos.
GenerateRepeatedKeystrokeTypos Generates the repeated keystroke typos.
GenerateTransposedKeystrokeTypos Generates the transposed keystroke typos.
IsDisallowedForAbsoluteUri Determines whether [is disallowed for absolute URI] [the specified absolute URI].
IsDisallowedForDomain Determines whether [is disallowed for domain] [the specified absolute URI].
IsDisallowedForExtension Determines whether [is disallowed for extension] [the specified absolute URI].
IsDisallowedForFileExtension Determines whether [is disallowed for file extension] [the specified absolute URI].
IsDisallowedForHost Determines whether [is disallowed for host] [the specified absolute URI].
IsDisallowedForResponseHeaders Determines whether [is disallowed for response headers] [the specified response headers].
IsDisallowedForScheme Determines whether [is disallowed for scheme] [the specified absolute URI].
IsDisallowedForSource Determines whether [is disallowed for source] [the specified source].
IsDisallowedForWords Determines whether [is disallowed for words] [the specified absolute URI].
RefreshAllowedExtensions Refresh all allowed Extensions.
RefreshAllowedSchemes Refresh all allowed Schemes.
RefreshDisallowed Refreshes all Disallowed patterns. Call this method before calling IsDisallowed to avoid a thread race condition.

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